Monday, August 25, 2014

Summertime Blues

You can feel the ending of summer coming on and it's just a little bit depressing.
But we've got a little bit more time to live it up in this summertime weather.

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

23 Things for 23

To be honest, life has been pretty shit lately.
But my birthday was last Wednesday and I'm using it as an excuse to take some control back. This is a list of some things I want to do throughout the next year. Some are fun and exciting, but a lot of them are to keep me sane and relatively stress free.

1. Catch up on all of my debts. Keep on top of my monthly bills and start paying back my long-term debts.
2. Be a better friend. Day to day, be more social and interact with the people immediately in my life. But also make a more concerted effort to maintain some older long-distance friendships.
3. Take more pictures. It makes me happy and it keeps the memories alive for years to come, so just do it.
4. Be active! Start playing rugby again. Practice yoga. Go hiking. Go kayaking. Lift weights. Do any/all of it, just stay active.
5. Take care of what I have. Take care of my belongings. Keep my apartment clean and in order.
6. Travel someplace new. It doesn't have to be expensive or some place exotic, but I need to explore more cities and mountains and fields and festivals. 
7. Go to (at least) 1 music festival. Firefly this year was awesome, and music makes me happy, so why not?
8. Be a better locksmith. I love my job. It can be stressful and it can be annoying, but overall I love it. I want to train more. I want to learn safes and access control systems and I want to be able to do more door jobs on my own. And I want to get certified with ALOA.
9. Read more! I always say this, but I always mean it. I could be reading ten books a week and still probably put this on my list.
10. Write more. Whether it's just for me or if it's for other people to read, writing has always made me happy.
11. Go outside more. Play in the snow, climb some mountains, lay in the field, or just walk down the street. Just get outside and stop hiding out in my apartment.
12. Be a better driver. Mostly, don't let road rage to get the better of me! I drive 100+ miles a day, it'll be healthier for everyone to just stay calm.
13. Visit New York City at least twice.
14. Take care of my body. I've been putting off the dentist for quite some months now..
15. Be more organized. Keep making lists! Keep shit clean. Get rid of what you don't need.
16. Get dressed up more. Even if I'm not going anywhere, getting dressed is fun and can keep you in a better mood. And motivate you to stay healthy and fit!
17. Don't back down from what you believe in. Don't let other people take advantage of you.
18. Go on spontaneous adventures. They keep life exciting and make for great stories.
19. Get another tattoo.
20.  Try more exciting drinks. I go to the bar a lot anyway, so why not have some fun with it?
21. Concerts. Concerts. Concerts. Concerts. Concerts.
22. Stay close to my family. Hang out with them more often. Help them out when they need it.
23. Have fun.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Insta-Update #7

 1. My coworker likes to make me cigarette flowers // 2. New drinking game!
3. Birthday present from a friend // 4. Me and some friends at my birthday party
5. My broken car (that is still in the shop) // 6. My Dad's broken car (that I totaled)

The past few weeks have definitely been a whirlwind of adventure..

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Burnin' It Down

I've been listening to Jason Aldean's new song on repeat lately. Check it outtttt. 

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