Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Simple Winter Looks I Love

Big sweaters.
Whether they're holiday themed or just nice and simple, a sweater is a winter necessity. They're cute, comfortable and incredibly simple to put together.

Large, colorful scarves.
I love them. Whenever I'm running late, I tend to wear very simple pieces, or an outfit I've worn before. Adding a great to scarf to either of these, really spices it up a little.

Faux Fur.
I'm not gonna lie, I'm not always brave enough to wear this yet, but I love the way it looks! If I lived in a big city, I'd wear faux fur over every outfit! Being from the country, I tend to feel a little overdressed.

Heeled booties.
Once again, I don't actually own a pair of these, but I think they're great! The reason I don't own a pair is because every time I find some I like, I never have money! This Christmas break, though, I'm going on a hunt! For my first pair I'll probably go for something more simple, like a plainer black pair, but those white lace ones would be killer at any holiday party!

What do you guys think?

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